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Bypass ISP Blocked Websites Legally and Safely


In 2014 all UK Internet users will have access to adult websites blocked by default. There is an option to opt-out of these filters if the account owner informs their Internet Service Provider. Families who wish to protect their children by keeping the blocks in place can use the USB Browser to access the blocked websites without having to ask their ISP to remove the filters.


USB Browser - Family safe web browsing. It lets you keep family safe filters in place. It lets adults surf the internet legally & freely.


Keep the blocks - use the Browser.

Family Safe Internet

Keep your familiy safe

Using the USB Browser lets families keep the ISP blocks. Children can browse the internet without the threat of being exposed to adult material.


Easy to Use

Plug and play USB Browser

Plug the USB Browser into your computer. There isn't any complicated installing of software and an easy to understand user guide is also included.


Private and Secure

Private and secure web browsing

Browsing the internet via the USB Browser leaves no trace of any internet browsing history on the computer - leaving it safe for children to use afterwards.

A Simple Solution to a Difficult Problem...


With the UK Internet  service providers now blocking access to adult websites by default, this may pose a problem to many families. Although adult websites are still legal to view in the UK, the Government have decided that the best way to stop children viewing adult content is to block access to it completely. Using the USB Browser allows responsible adults to still access blocked websites, yet keep the filters in place.


Responsible Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe...


There is no temporary removal of the ISP blocks and filters - you are either in or out. Responsible adults may wish to keep these filter in place to protect their children. The USB Browser simply plugs into any computer, and bypasses the blocks imposed by your ISP.  Adults may wish to view certain websites when their children are in bed. The USB Browser discreetly allows them to do so, without any fuss.

Compatible With

Windows EE Sky Virgin Media BT Broadband Talk Talk

This isn't about morality or freedom; remember - it isn't illegal to view adult websites in the UK. This is about offering a solution to responsible adults who wish to keep their children safe, yet still be able to view adult websites in the privacy of their own home.

The USB Browser is NOT an anonymous web browser.

We in no way, support or encourage any illegal activity on or offline.




MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We want you to be happy with the USB Browser. If for any reason you are not, just send it back to us for a full refund.